What’s the e-transfer recharge card?

Digital money that can be used everywhere according to your lifestyle.

What’s the e-transfer recharge card?e-transfer recharge card

The “e-transfer recharge card” is prepaid (advance payment) digital money. This offers a convenient settlement service that can be used safely for online shopping, online games, retail stores, payment on delivery for mail orders, and payment between corporations. In addition, the e-transfer recharge card can be used everywhere because the charge and settlement amounts are unlimited. Furthermore, cardless payments can also be made.
* “Transfer” means “move,” “pass,” and “convey.”

What’s the e-transfer online card? e-transfer online card

The “e-transfer online card” offers a new service similar to that of the e-transfer recharge card without the card. This service can be utilized anywhere, even without the card, simply by displaying the card number, password, and QR code on a cell phone to charge the card or make a payment.
To start using the online card

Super easy Can be used without the card!
The e-transfer recharge card provides not only a service with the card but also a cardless online card service using a cell phone. The online card service is a brand new, convenient service that requires no card issuing cost and eliminates the need to carry a card as long as you have a cell phone.
Super surprising-No spending limit!
The e-transfer recharge card has no spending limit, so it can be used for expensive merchandise. The digital money card is very convenient because the user can spend up to the amount preloaded on the card. In addition, it can also be used for settlements between corporations.
Super secure-Your money and personal information are secure.
Since this is a prepaid (advance payment) service, you don’t have to worry about spending more than the balance on the card. In addition, you can protect the balance on the card yourself. And if you lose your card, transfer the balance to a new card. Therefore, it is safer than carrying cash.
Super economical-Delightful point reward!
It is super economical—accumulate points through all transactions at e-transfer member stores, such as online or retail stores, payment on delivery for mail orders, and transactions between corporations. Since you earn one point for every 200 yen spent, you will experience the joy of shopping. And the points are automatically added to the balance, no troublesome transfers or other procedures are required.
Super comfortable-Live a comfortable life with just one card!
This is a new service for making payment using the QR code reader on the cell phone. Since you can also make payments using a delivery person’s cell phone, you don’t need to have money ready for “payment on delivery” orders.
Super convenient-A payment between corporations is also easy!
With a cell phone that accepts e-transfer settlements, you can make an immediate payment in the daily life of the business. This can be used as a very convenient means of settlement because you can pay liquor wholesalers or food stores by reading your e-transfer recharge card and pay for materials at construction sites using a cell phone without cash.

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Instructions for using the e-transfer recharge card

Getting an “e-transfer recharge card” at the e-transfer website makes it easy to shop online or in retail stores, pay for delivery for mail order, and complete transactions between corporations without cash.

1.Get the card. 2.e-transfer website 3.Charge the card.

Get the card.

The “e-transfer recharge card” is available from the e-transfer website. Anyone, including people under age and corporations, can use this card. It costs 200 yen to issue one recharge card, but you can get the online card free on the e-transfer website. On completion of the application for the online card, you will receive an e-mail including the following information from e-transfer: - 16-digit card number - Initial password - URL to log into the members area Log into the members page and enter the necessary information.

People under age…OK!、Corporations…OK!、Cardless…OK!

Charge the card.

Via the e-transfer website, you can charge (deposit money into) the card at any time at convenience stores or bank ATMs, through online banking services or Internet banks, or with a settlement agency’s cell phone. You can use one card continuously by charging it again if the available balance is insufficient.


Dealing with many other regional banks and credit associations!
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Use the card.

This convenient card can be used safely to pay for online shopping or online games, payments in retail stores, payments on delivery for mail orders, and a payment between corporations.

Use at online stores.

After selecting the settlement with the e-transfer recharge card on the settlement page, confirm the settlement amount and enter the 16-digit card number as well as the 4-digit password to make the payment.

Use in retail stores.

Read the magnetic stripe at a checkout counter to make the payment.

Use for payments on delivery.

After the delivery person reads the QR code on your card using a cell phone, confirm the settlement amount and enter the 4-digit password to make the payment.

Use for transactions between corporations

Simply by reading the QR code on your card, entering the amount on the settlement screen, and asking the customer to enter the 4-digit password, the customer can make a payment on the spot.

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Card types

We offer the e-transfer recharge card for corporations as well as people 20 years old and above and the e-transfer recharge junior card for people under 20 years old. An online card is also available for both types. Alcoholic beverages, cigarettes, and adult content cannot be purchased with the e-transfer recharge junior card.

e-transfer リチャージカードの種類

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